Start your own Crypto Trading Software.

Send money

All of your users can send and receive money from other users utilizing the trading software that we have.


With the investment system, all users can digitally buy stocks like Apple, Tesla, etc. 100% white-label


We have DEFI solutions in which your clients can ask for loans and you make monthly interest.

Our Solutions

Finance Software

Many clients use this Trading Software like a mini-bank for financial institutions, Forex, Bitcoins or to be able to connect debit cards so the user can use them in different stores.

Trading Software

Starting today, all your users can buy stocks like Apple without the need for a KYC and the whole system is connected via a blockchain system and intelligent contracts.

DEFI Solutions

We have the technology where you can start your own Swap Exchange, like Uniswap, or a loan system where your clients can make a yearly APY%. 100% White-label

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1. Are all the Softwares White-labeled?

Yes, The Trading System are 100% White-Labeled, and we will upload your logo, as well as any customizations that you would prefer to make the system unique and ensure that all your clients are satisfied with the services.

2. How many days does the installation take?

The first step that we take is to organize your server. Once the servers are configured, we start the installation of your Defi, Trading Software, which takes about 2-3 business days. Sometimes it can take a few days longer if your server needs further configuring or a special feature installed.

3. Can I Customize my Software if I need to?

OpenX has a group of programers who can create a Trading, DEFI or Trading Software from 0 for your business, making the software completely unique to your business, this way you can have the best technology for your clients.

4. can I install my own API?

Let your users accept more than 50 currencies on their site! An open API system for all users will quickly generate a payment form. Developers Sandbox will allow you to test payments before the start of great battle!

Everyone can start working with us.

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